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Where to start?

I've pondered over writing this blog for a few weeks now, not just because experts tell me I should because it boosts my google rating. But because I want you to be involved in the processes I go through in lifting Blooming Brilliance off the ground.

We haven't been trading very long (only around 3/4 months) a lot of this is very new to me, most of the time is spent staring into space thinking about all the things I need to do and feeling a little overwhelmed. Luckily people along this very short journey have been incredibly helpful in sharing with me their stories and paths they are taking in launching their businesses.

Its possible that I might not be using this blog to the best of its ability and I'm almost certain that there will be spelling errors along with incorrect use of punctuation. But if you can grit your teeth through my terrible grammar and you feel like sticking around for my ramblings about our allotment, products, suppliers and fingers crossed the growth of the business, well then…Hello.

And I've just realised I used no key words in this so here they are - Vegan friendly, Soap, Florist, Suffolk, Wedding florist, Bury St Edmunds, Bee friendly, Suffolk grower, Locally grown, small business, Ethically sourced, Minimal waste.

(Lets keep the experts happy.)

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